The Crab Cooker Story

Early Beginnings...

Since 1951, searching out the world’s best seafood for you is a pleasure for us. We serve the finest Pacific-caught Dungeness crab, Alaskan red king crab legs and Alaskan killer crab claws, King Salmon, local caught White Sea Bass, Alaskan Halibut, Mahi Mahi and much more. Our menu is uniquely ours and is decliciously “home-made”. Every day we process and smoke our fish, bake fresh our own fisherman’s bread and breadsticks, and prepare our World’s Best clam chowder, Romano potatoes and more.

Family: Past & Present

Our method for preparing seafood is unique and began with our “Flounder”, Bob Roubian, when he opened the Crab Cooker in 1951. Bob learned the mesquite broil while cooking with family as a young man and found that this healthy and tasty method of cooking perfectly enhanced the delicate flavors of quality seafood. Bob used to say that “good fish is easy to cook if you let its taste shine through over a hot fire with light seasoning.” When you visit, you’ll enjoy watching our cooks grill your order over a hot mesquite broiler!

Bob’s original cooking method is still used today. By the third generation family members. 


Every year, Bob used to say that he was still on a honeymoon with the Crab Cooker, the customers and the staff. His passion for the Crab Cooker and the Fish Eaters who dine with us lives on every day. Whether you are planning to dine in or carry out from our fish market, we invite you to join us at our two locations in Newport Beach or Tustin. Our staff is like family and together we work hard to make every detail perfect for your experience at the Crab Cooker. We take great pride in serving the world’s finest seafood, and we look forward to serving you!

Who We Are...

Family ran and operated for more than half a century at The Crab Cooker, we do one thing: Fish!

As our late “flounder” used to say, “The Main Thing is to Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing” We specialize in mesquite broiled seafood served in a casual beach setting perfect for families hungry after a day out in the sand.

See why The Crab Cooker has become a destination for fish eaters from around the world.

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